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Freesat brings you over 120 great digital TV and radio channels using a standard Sky dish, including high definition (HD) programmes from the BBC and ITV – all for free. Freesat also gives you fast digital text and enhanced interactivity, as well as digital subtitles and audio description.


With freesat, favourites like BBC Three, BBC Four, ITV2, ITV3, More 4 and Film 4 are all yours. There’s no need to choose between different packages. You’ll also get around 20 digital radio stations, so you can listen to live sport, great comedy, music, drama and the latest news.


With freesat, HD programmes are subscription-free, so you get even better viewing at no extra cost. All you need is an HD Ready TV connected to a freesat HD digital box, or TV with freesat HD built in.


Freesat is also interactive, by pressing the red button on your freesat remote, you’ll have far more choice about what you want to watch. You’ll have access to the latest goings on in local, national and world news, live sport results, weather and more.


Freesat will also upgrade the selection of channels every month, they’ll keep your digital box automatically updated with the latest channels and services.